Game Character
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Game Character 01 - Beauty shot of Game Character

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Game Character 01 - Front

Anisah syed f7c730 cb02bc171f4c4dd68cd97d6ea8c83282 mv2

Game Character 01 - Front Side

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Game Character 01 - Back Side

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Game Character 01 - Textured

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Game Character 01 - Body with Clothing 02

Anisah syed f7c730 6a9ca306c41e442b8abbef66a7e84ed0 mv2

Game Character 01 - Body with Clothing 01

Anisah syed f7c730 7fc247a62c094636a1b058e7840098d1 mv2

Game Character 01 - Heroic Male Sculpt

Anisah syed f7c730 a9491f5b7bbb419ba710f701d81a0133 mv2

Game Character 01 - Head Sculpt

Game Character

I combined my previously sculpted head with an edited version of the body builder's mesh. The body was modified so the simulated clothing in Marvelous Designer would take to the mesh better. The clothing was cleaned up in ZBrush. Shoes were borrowed from an online store.

I brought the model into Maya to assign shaders to different parts of the model (jeans, jacket, etc). From there, I sent the character to Substance Painter where I created my own materials.

I revisited ZBrush to pose the character. After baking all maps in Substance Painter, I brought the maps and the newly posed character into Marmoset Toolbag for rendering. Color corrected in Photoshop.

Programs Used: ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Maya, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, Photoshop

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