Redhead With Horns
Anisah syed screenshot016

Final Render and Color Correction 01

Anisah syed screenshot013 2

Final Render and Color Correction 02

Anisah syed substance painter 2017 09 26 23 07 34

Fixed the skin PBR shader and did some test renders in Substance Painter's iRay

Anisah syed 20170913 032543 hdr

Got the base sculpt for the model down in ZBrush.

Redhead With Horns

Found a model on Pinterest and sculpted her. Decided to change some features like her pose. I think the hardest part was the hair. I tried a few different approaches to this including this hybrid hair card style utilizing primarily ZBrush but that turned out pretty bad. Went back and adjusted the fibermesh for the hair. Textured the skin in Substance Painter. Color corrected in Adobe Lightroom.

More artwork
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