Fanart - Nami from League of Legends
Anisah syed 2016 09 28 01 31 42

So we see a very early version of Nami where I tried to block out the main shapes.I customized my UI for ZBrush for this project. It became a mini project because I wanted to incorporate other customized materials/alphas/brushes and even UI colors.

Anisah syed 2016 10 22 03 25 21

More detail added! I incorporated hard surface pieces in this screenshot (as well as modded the UI). Hard surface geo was made in Maya

Anisah syed 2016 11 07 02 28 24

Polypainting/adding materials in ZBrush as well as adding the final details. This image shows her weapon (made in Maya). This piece was then prepped for Transpose Master.

Anisah syed 2016 11 07 21 57 33

It is my first time ever using the plugin.

Anisah syed namik004

Final renders! I brought this into Keyshot where I added materials to the polypaint. I customized the mats used for the green scales and inadvertently creating my own shader. Other elements were a combination of a couple of shaders (ie-the blue gem areas)

Anisah syed namik003

And a head shot!

Fanart - Nami from League of Legends

I wanted to share my latest project. I decided to sculpt out Nami from League of Legends in ZBrush. If you are unfamiliar with this character, she is a mermaid from an MMO. That pretty much sums up the design.

Final notes, I tried to stay pretty true to the character's form without taking too many artistic liberties.

Programs: ZBrush for modeling organics and some hard surfaces (the necklace and gems). Maya for modeling the base for the hard surfaces (I added details in ZBrush). Rendering in Keyshot. Color correction of renders in Photoshop.

Thank you :)

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